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Chelu took a left; former Mandana cop says other cops will retaliate for posting of video

By Nancy I. Maanao

A citizen took advantage of social media to express his dissatisfaction with a police officer breaking Guam's traffic laws.

The short video was taken from inside a stopped car waiting to approach a traffic intersection. A man is narrating the video. In front of the stopped car is a police vehicle signaling to turn left at the intersection with a clearly-visible "NO LEFT TURN" sign in front of the police officer. The officer then turned left.

The police car did not have its sirens or lights on.

In the comments of the social media post, Guam police officer Jun Amaguin - a former member of the Mandana Drug Task Force - attacks the citizen who posted the video and excuses the conduct of the officer, saying it is illegal for the person who took the video to have been carrying his phone. He says what the police officer did was just a minor traffic "infraction."

Mr. Amaguin's commenting continued on to threaten that if citizens continue to video record police officers committing traffic infractions, police officers will retaliate by using their authority to pull over and fine people taking video of their misconduct:

"This type of shenanigan will just entice the police to increase enforcement by issuing citations to motorists who make videos while driving, thinking they're doing a public service by exposing public officials in the act of committing minor traffic infractions, not taking into account that maybe that officer was responding to an urgent call that does quite not meet the elements of an emergency response, i.e. blue lights and siren, in order get to a scene in as little time as possible to avoid that same urgent call to devolve into something that jeopardizes public safety." - Guam police officer Jun Amaguin

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1 Comment

Both these cops are idiots. One, for breaking the law. And second, for excusing the cop breaking the law.

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