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CNMI pays for Torres's sister's power bill

By Jacob Nakamura

(Tumon, Guam) On December 20, 2016, Gov. Ralph Torres had the Commonwealth government pay for his sister's private power and water bill, to the tune of $3,895.92.

The billings covered power and water consumption at the residence of Judy Marie Torres between December 2015, the month Gov. Eloy Inos died, and the end of Fiscal Year 2016, September 30, 2016.

The request for reimbursement for the utilities payment was made by then-Governor's Authorized Representative Virginia Villagomez. The GAR in any state government normally is the fiscal officer over federal funds stemming from disaster recovery efforts. It is unclear from these documents whether the funding used to ultimately pay the governor's sister's power bill came from Soudelor funds.

On December 19, 2016, the acting executive director of the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation, Gary P. Camacho, wrote to Ms. Villagomez, memorializing the payment received by the CUC of $3,895.92 for Judy Marie Torres's account. Mr. Camacho noted in his letter to Ms. Villagomez that although the account is registered to Judy Marie Torres, "this is the residence of Governor Ralph D.L.G. Torres."

Judy Marie Torres's customer account number, which identifies the residence, where the power and water consumption occurs, is 66904. Despite Mr. Camacho's claim that "this is the residence of Governor Ralph D.L.G. Torres," a review of the other documents filed for reimbursement to the governor for his power bill shows a separate customer account number that actually is in his name: 82273 - a completely separate residence.

This simply is the latest in an unearthing of evidence of corruption and theft committed by the governor as he has plundered the Commonwealth. Evidence of his illegal activities, sadly, date as far back to his earliest days as governor, in the wake of the late Gov. Inos's death.

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