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Command Team Visits SECFOR 3

The following is news from the Guam National Guard:

The Guam National Guard’s command team paid a visit to its SECFOR 3 unit, which is currently deployed to Northern Guam, during drill weekend this past Saturday. The command team, consisting of Maj. Gen. (GU) Esther Aguigui, the adjutant general, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Vickie Carriaga, state command chief warrant officer, and Command Sgt. Maj. Celso Leonen, acting state command Sgt. Maj., spoke with the Soldiers of SECFOR 3, which is tasked with providing security to Guam’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system.

The command team visited operations centers and guard towers, speaking to Soldiers about their mission, family life, and overall wellbeing.

Spc. Sean Rasa was stationed at Tower 3 during the visit. "I'm happy to be protecting my family and neighbors on Guam, and I would do this again in a heartbeat," said Rasa.

Other Soldiers shared similar messages of staying motivated and focused on their task and purpose. Led on the tour by SECFOR 3 leadership Capt. Farin Mondia and 1st Sgt. Clay Elicio, the command team got a good sense of troop morale and living conditions. The visit was concluded with remarks of gratitude from Aguigui, and presentations of coins of excellence.

“What you do makes a significant difference to national security,” said Aguigui in her remarks. “Everyone wants world peace, and this is where it starts. You are protecting our not only our families and neighbors here on Guam, but the rest of the world, because we are at the forefront. So thank you for raising your hand to do this mission, and please thank your families as well. Because this is worth defending, and I can tell by your motivation here today that for SECFOR 3 - losing is not an option.”

View photos of the visit below:

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