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CONFIRMED: Casino pays Torres Brothers, LLC

By Jacob Nakamura

(Tumon, Guam) A list of the casino's vendors provided by the Commonwealth Casino Commission shows that Torres Brothers, LLC, indeed is paid a monthly retainer by Imperial Pacific International (CNMI), LLC.

In the middle of the back-to-front tabloid-size 12-page print out of the casino's vendors is an August 9, 2018 entry: Torres Brothers, LLC.

Under the column, Type of service: Consultants or Professional Service.

And then notes for the entry: Torres Brothers - June 2018 (Retainer) Legal Service Fee - Legal.

The monthly retainer? $18,000.

The entry also indicates that Torres Brothers, LLC has a written agreement with IPI for these services, yet under the column, where vendors indicate whether they are Commonwealth Casino Commission-registered as casino vendors, it reads 'n/a.'

The connection between the CNMI government and the casino via the Torres brothers, has long been suspected of illegal and improper influence made possible by Gov. Ralph Torres. While the governor either makes decisions favorable to the casino, or halts the government's duty to provide proper controls and oversight of the casino, his brothers receive substantial monthly payments from the casino on the books.

The Torres brothers are benefiting in a big way from the casino; all while more and more residents lose everything to gambling, gambling-related crime is on the rise, and many still live in tents.

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Bernadette Sablan
Bernadette Sablan
12 Δεκ 2019

Sorry about the mix up.

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That's garapansucks, not me, with the conspiracy theories about Kilili's "wealth."

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Bernadette Sablan
Bernadette Sablan
11 Δεκ 2019

Gee, fuckme, I will not comment on your opinion on my brother, Kilili, since that is your right, but being I am his sister, I would know if he owns a bunch of real estate and hmm, he owns the house (a tiny one) and the land he resides in when on island. That's it.

Μου αρέσει

Troy you need a laughing emoji next to the heart🤣🤣

Μου αρέσει

Get help, Zaji.

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