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Congressman to Admiral: Restore equitable weekday access to Guardsmen, Reservists, and Veterans

The following is news from the Office of Congressman Michael San Nicolas:

In a letter to Joint Region Marianas Commander Admiral Menoni, Congressman San Nicolas pressed for a reconsideration of recently announced access limitations to Andersen and Big Navy for non-active duty personnel.

"The Admiral and I have a great working relationship, and I appreciate the intent of the base commanders; however, there is greater value in learned solidarity during these times with our local troops and veterans and I am appealing to that," opened Congressman San Nicolas. "If we can come together during a domestic crisis, we surely will stand shoulder to shoulder in the face of a foreign one, and it is in these times that such goodwill can be fostered," Congressman San Nicolas added.

In his letter, Congressman San Nicolas highlighted the shared sacrifice during deployments of local Guardsmen, Reservists, and Veterans, and further highlighted the need to showcase base stability and consistency rather than perceived exclusion and abandonment.

"This is a chance for our military to showcase that they are here alongside the community when times are tough, and that speaks volumes when the time comes for us to have faith in the face of foreign military threats," Congressman San Nicolas adds. "I am confident a better plan that is more inclusive and less divisive will be developed in place of the current circumstances - the Admiral and base leadership are good people," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

Read the Congressman's letter to the Admiral below:

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