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Connie Jo Brennan Quits

Governor’s Spokesman Welcomes Investigation Into Connie Jo Brennan

Port Deputy General Manager Connie Jo Brennan Shinohara has turned in her resignation letter to Governor Lou Leon Guerrero.

Her resignation follows a series of investigative reports into the Blood Money flowing from the game rooms poisoning our community that revealed ownership of these game rooms at the highest level of government – including Connie Jo Brennan.

The series also revealed suspicion regarding the actual amount of taxes being reported by the owners of the game rooms – a group of individuals who have manipulated politicians over the years and local laws to give them a monopoly on this dark and seedy industry that feeds off the addictions of the most at risk segments of our community.

Adelup spokesman Carlo Branch told Kandit News tonight:

“We welcome third party, unbiased investigation and oversight throughout the government.”

Connie Jo Brennan Shinohara

Branch further encouraged anyone with wrongdoing on the part of Ms. Connie Jo Brennan to contact local or federal authorities.

Branch said: “If I can help you find their numbers or emails, please let me know."

Connie Jo Brennan's resignation letter notifying the Governor that she is stepping down from her position as Port Deputy General Manager is with the Governor's Legal Counsel Office.

She submitted her resignation letter earlier this week to Governor Lourdes A. Leon Guerrero.

Undated resignation letters submitted under Guam's personnel rules and regulation adopted into law are effective immediately.

Attorney General Leevin Camacho earlier this week told Kandit News he continues his fight to rid the island of what he considers illegal gambling devices.

“Our position remains the same: these machines are illegal under Guam law. Later this month, the court will hear arguments on our motion where we will contend that the machines should not be licensed. We would respect any clarification that could come via a change of our current law, whether in the form of a referendum or an act of the Legislature,” AG Camacho told Kandit News.

Attorney General Leevin Camacho statement to Kandit News

The Supreme Court of Guam is expected to issue a mandate in a case involving the issuance of gaming machine licenses, bringing the involved parties one step closer to knowing whether or not gaming devices are legal under local law. In February of this year General Camacho stated the following: “The position of the Office of the Attorney General has not changed in the decade-long question of whether gaming devices are legal or not. The Office firmly maintains that gambling devices cannot and should not be licensed on Guam. We will continue to take whatever action is necessary to see that the law is upheld and gambling devices are not licensed.”

In 2008, approximately 1,200 gaming devices were licensed in violation of Guam’s amusement devices licensing laws. The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) sued the Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT) to revoke the licenses. DRT revoked them after a court order. Then, Guam Music, Inc. (GMI) intervened in the case and filed a new lawsuit against DRT in an effort to force them to reissue its gambling machine licenses. The parties agreed to dismiss the two cases in 2012.

The OAG believed that this meant the gambling devices would remain unlicensed because it is not legal to license gambling devices. DRT, however, then issued gaming machine licenses. In response, the OAG filed its current case arguing that DRT should be prohibited from issuing gaming machine licenses. The Supreme Court’s issuance of the mandate will trigger the Superior Court to rule on two pending motions filed in 2016. The OAG’s motion deals with the merits of gaming regulations. The OAG has argued that the gaming regulations are invalid because they were submitted by DRT to the Legislature without complying with the Administrative Adjudication Law and they exceed DRT’s authority. After the proceedings in the Superior Court have run their course, the OAG expects a Supreme Court ruling that will ultimately decide the validity of the gaming device regulations once and for all.

Kandit News has received commitments from numerous Senators to take a stand against the gaming machines and many stated they believe the business being run by Connie Jo Brennan, her husband Gil Shinohara and their partners Johnny Cool Torres and Tom Tajalle are destroying our people, our families and leading to the increase in crime on Guam.

You can read the entire Blood Money Series at:

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