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Customs begins rape inquiry against former Mandana officer Gene Igros

By Troy Torres

Women are accusing former Mandana Drug Task Force officer Gene Igros of raping them, and now the government agency he works for is interviewing them in the advent of a full-blown investigation. This is according to at least one woman making the accusations, and a separate high-placed government source of information.

Igros has worked for the Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency for several years. He was assigned to the multi-agency Mandana group, which Police Chief Stephen Ignacio disbanded for ineptitude and corruption last year.

At least one of the women, who over the past two years spoke to Kandit on condition of anonymity about the rape she alleges, said Igros has used his power as a law enforcement officer to intimidate her from reporting the alleged crimes. The woman asked that Kandit not publish any stories about the allegations over the past two years for fear of her life. After learning of the allegations by other women, however, she lifted her embargo on the information with us.

"I have lived with this for a long time, and all I want is justice," she told Kandit through tears. "He should be in jail, not someone who has power over other people, especially women."

A high level government source of information has confirmed the official inquiry will begin following the last interview with the women making the allegations. That interview was scheduled for today.

This is a developing story.

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