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Dads, put the pipe down and take care of your kids. You're their hero and they miss you

By Jesse Mendiola

Fathers day always hit a bit different for me. I wasn't there for my kids growing up and 'til this day the pain they've experienced as a result of my absence still lingers around, off in the far corners of their minds, wondering if I'll ever resort back to my old ways. The lingering of that pain they've suffered is understandable. Though these days I've mended and continue to work on my relationship with my kids, the fact remains that the important parts of their lives I missed.

To the addicts who let their addiction overcome their love for their kids, I know you love your kids, Lord knows i thought of mine day in and day out. The addiction we faced is far more greater than anything we've ever had to battle. Our absence, our lack of guidance, our missing love  they are all importantly crucial to our children. Fathers Day was the day we are to be honored by the precious ones we call our own. They're such impressionable beings who long for our physical presence, who long for our praise and glory, who simply want to be loved. Some dads chose the poor path I once chose and decided that instead of spending time with the kids, they went out to get high, put a needle in their arm, or popped some pills.

It's not too late. Please take a moment to call them, text them, even visit them. We are not perfect beings, we don't have all the answers. We make many mistakes, but the greatest gift you have given this earth is the gift of life. Happy Father's Day to all fathers, especially to my fellow brothers suffering in addiction. Your loved ones are waiting for you.

If you're struggling with issues, don't ponder on it, pray on it! Redirect your energy into things you have control of, things that will continue to progress you forward and let the rest of the issues be handled by your God.


Jesse Mendiola is the co-host of Kandit Recovery's Success After Darkness, a Sunday night live and raw discussion about the demons we confront and how we can overcome them. He is a husband, father, grandfather, brother, son, and a recovering drug addict.

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