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Dededo woman names her cousin as Papa Store Jungle Rapist

By Jacob Nakamura

(Susupe, Saipan) Dededo resident Evly Jessica Minich told Kandit News today that her cousin is the Papa Store Jungle Rapist and that they sent him back to Chuuk yesterday and that he will never return to Guam.

DONIO Pastor. Photo Courtesty of Evly Jessica Minich

Minich spoke to Kandit News to defend her boyfriend Jessy James who has been identified by the victim and family members via store surveillance footage as being the man who kidnapped the 13-year-old girl at 8pm Monday night as she was leaving the Papa Store in Dededo. The rapist dragged her into the jungle, ripped her clothes off and raped the young girl. She fled screaming and naked into the neighborhood begging for help.

Evly Jessica Minich

Mininch told numerous versions of what happened that day involving her boyfriend and then finally confessed that the man who raped the girl is her cousin who lives with her. She said his name is Donio Pastor and that the family put him on a plane yesterday and sent him back to Chuuk.

Jessy James

“No he will not coming back,” Minich told Kandit News. “Because we send him back home cus he always go around and drunk.”

Minich gave Kandit News this photo of her cousin who she said is the real rapist and not her boyfriend Jessy James.

“Just let you know my boyfriend hes short and hes not wearing dark shirt On that night,” she said. “All I know My Boyfriend Was Here With Me On That Night before that just let's you Know That wasn't him doing that.”

But Minich admits he wasn’t with her all the time and tells numerous versions of how many times he went to the store that night and at what time he went there. First she says Jessy James went to the store at 6pm and “checked” her cousin Pastor at the store but did not go into the jungle where Pastor and other Chuukese men were drinking. Later she says he went to the store with her dad and the two of them went into the jungle were the men were drinking and her dad told Pastor to come home.

On another version of the story on behalf of her boyfriend she says they never went into the jungle and never saw Pastor and the other men drinking.

Here are some of the different versions she had of what happened the night of the rape:

Evly Jessica Minich - “Because earlier Maybe Around 6 My Dad Went Out To The store And also My Boyfriend They saw Them. They Told My Cousin To Coming Back Home He doesn't want.”

Kandit – “Oh your dad and your boyfriend went to the store at 6pm and saw them?” Evly Jessica Minich – “My dad And my Boyfriend See Them Earlier In The Jungle.” Kandit – “And they went to talk to them and tell them to come home?” Evly Jessica Minich – “Yes”

Evly Jessica Minich - “I repeat now My Boyfriend Was in The store maybe around 7 looking for my cousin because my dad get mad at him Why Hes at the house but cousin not in the house yet. That's reason why hes at the store.”

Evly Jessica Minich - “Because All I Know My Boyfriend Was here In the house before that happened. Maybe around 7.”

Evly Jessica Minich - “And then went its getting dark that guy don't come back home dad Start getting mad to my boyfriend why he don't go looked for my cousin. That's the reason why my boyfriend Went back To The Store. On That Time But maybe around 7.”

Evly Jessica Minich - “No Only Once Time My Boyfriend was in the store to check on my cousin..but he didn't see him because they're in the jungle...but its around maybe 7 I'm not that sure but is still early when my boyfriend coming back home hes not taking long” Kandit – “Was he with your dad then?” Evly Jessica Minich - “Nope. Sorry I'm just too confused.” Kandit – “But you said earlier that your dad and your boyfriend went to the store and then saw them in the jungle” Evly Jessica Minich - “My Dad” Kandit – “Of course I understand” Evly Jessica Minich - “Sorry I really too confused. All I know My Boyfriend was here with me before that happened.”

When Kandit News asked her why she keeps changing her story about what happened with her boyfriuend on the day of the rape she said “I was wrong.”

Minich admits the police came to her home and questioned her boyfriend about the incident.

“My cousin and those chuukese Drunk in the jungle at papa store,” she said.”My boyfriend not drunk on that night.”

She says there are many witnesses to who was there that night and to the identify of the rapist. “It's my cousin.”

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Me gusta

Please arrest this guy and put him away I my hear breaks for the poor little girl😪

Me gusta

Frances Torres
Frances Torres
21 nov 2019

Let the DNA Rape Kit speak for itself. That brave Girl positively identified him as her Rapist. He should be arrested.

Me gusta
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