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Democrat Party backs out of interview

By Eric Rosario

Democratic Party of Guam chairwoman Sarah Thomas Nededog, who previously confirmed her in-studio appearance on Kandit Live tonight, backed out after seeing the topics for live discussion.

Ms. Nededog asked Kandit News for a list of questions we would ask her. Kandit does not provide questions in advance, but we did provide her with the topic areas of discussion:

  1. The party in power: achievements

  2. Shortcomings: are the new candidates going to do it differently?

  3. Corruption by leaders in both parties

  4. Party infighting

  5. Hopes for the future. What will Democrats do?

An hour after receiving the topics, she cancelled the interview.

"I respectfully decline the interview," Ms. Nededog wrote.

Kandit still will discuss these topics on Kandit Live tonight at 7:30 p.m. - just without Ms. Nededog.

Fortunately, Democratic senatorial candidate Franklin "Bunker" Meno will be live in studio with us tonight despite the cancellation of his party's leader.

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