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Democrats put differences aside to congratulate San Nicolas, ask for solidarity with Biden & Harris

By Eric Rosario

The Democratic Party of Guam released a statement congratulating Congressman Michael San Nicolas on his landslide victory last night, and calling for party unity. The local party emphasized the need to work with the incoming Biden Harris administration to push Guam's and the nation's agenda forward.

The following is the statement from the Democratic Party of Guam:

"The Democratic Party of Guam would like to thank the 17,000+ voters who exercised their sacred right to vote in the Runoff Election.
"We congratulate Congressman Michael F.Q. San Nicolas on his victory, and thank Former Congressman Dr. Robert A. Underwood for stepping up to serve our Island.
"As the election season officially comes to an end, the Party would like to emphasize to all incoming candidates-elects, both Democrats and Republicans, that we need to put our differences aside and work together for the sake of our Island. With the recent victory of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, the path forward looks more promising for Guam; but it also takes all of us striving for a common goal: which should be combatting COVID-19, and returning our Island to our more prosperous days. Our People have demonstrated that we are resilient - but as our island’s history has taught us, we can only overcome this, if we do it TOGETHER!
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