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Dirty 30 confirmed transactions

By Nancy I. Maanao

(Tumon, Guam) Financial records leaked to Kandit News Group originating from Imperial Pacific International (CNMI), LLC's finance and accounting office show so far that in 2015 and 2016, 15 on the Dirty 30 list were paid by the casino, mostly for consulting services.

The Dirty 30 is the list of people and companies whose transactions with the casino were subpoenaed by the federal grand jury. You can view the full list below.

Kandit previously reported the monthly $18,000 retainer paid to Torres Brothers, LLC, embattled Gov. Ralph Torres's brothers's law firm. Torres Brothers, LLC is on the Dirty 30, and was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation last month in a series of raids that included the governor's home and office, and the casino.

The casino began its operations on July 26, 2015. Two days later, it paid $18,000 to Torres Brothers; they were on retainer from the start.

Alfred Yue's Marianas Consultancy group received $5,000 monthly starting in 2015 as well. Both Mr. Yue and his consulting firm are listed in the Dirty 30.

Ron Li Anderson's Legend Realty was receiving monthly services fees of $14,000. Both Mr. Anderson and his company are listed in the Dirty 30.

We previously reported that former Lt. Gov. Diego Benavente was receiving $5,000 monthly from the casino. His consulting firm, Diego Benavente & Associates is on the Dirty 30. Mr. Benavente's wife, Vicky, is the Secretary of Labor.

Northern Marianas College chairman of the Board of Regents Charles Cepeda received 10,243.60 at least once in 2015. Mr. Cepeda and his CVC Consulting are on the Dirty 30.

Viola Alepuyo, known as the vice president of legal affairs for the casino, received monthly legal services payments of $18,000 going as far back as 2015; she is third listed on the Dirty 30 and is a central figure in the federal investigation. Ms. Alepuyo's husband is Superior Court Judge Joseph Norita Camacho, whose half brothers are Clyde Norita, a harbinger of corruption to the greater crimes committed by his boss, the governor.

Brenda Tenorio's monthly consulting fee of $5,000 through her firm BYT Consulting Services popped up on the financial records on February 3, 2016. She, too, along with her company are listed in the Dirty 30. So is Keli Tenorio, who also makes $5,000 monthly as a consultant.

Marianas Visitors Authority general manager Christopher A. Concepcion and his consulting company CA Professional Services also is on the Dirty 30 and appears in the financial records to be receiving a $5,000 monthly consulting fee from the casino; so does David Attao and his Dattao Consulting Services.

Perhaps the most frequent payments, however, have been made to and through Attorney Michael Dotts with the law firm of O'Connor, Berman, Dotts, and Banes. Kandit will be reporting separately about Mr. Dotts's part in the financial and land transactions Mr. Dotts and his law firm participated in and facilitated.

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