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Doctors' presentation and predictions grim, hopeful with intervention

Kandit has received the presentation by the Governor's Physician Advisory Group, upon which her news conference this morning was based. We provide the entire presentation here:

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Cheru Chii
Cheru Chii
Mar 23, 2020

I wonder if anyone in the medical community or government has taken into account that maybe COVID-19 has been on Guam a lot longer than the recent discovery about a week ago? What if relatively young healthy people that have within the past couple of months that were thought to have died of pneumonia, thrombosis, or other respiratory or digestive problems had actually been caused by COVID-19? We haven’t had a full-time medical examiner on island for some time now. It’s been reported that in Russia, they’ve listed cause of deaths such as pneumonia, thrombosis, etc as a way to skew and manipulate their statistics of COVID-19 related deaths to minimize the impact of COVID-19 as a form of propaganda…

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