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Police investigating one of theirs - the DPS commissioner's stepson - for assault of his girlfriend

By Troy Torres

Law enforcement officer Shane Mendiola, the step son of Department of Public Safety Commissioner Robert Guerrero, is under investigation for allegations he assaulted his girlfriend at a bar last night.

He was not arrested, and sources report there has been an active attempt by administration officials to cover up the alleged crimes. The woman's family, meanwhile, is concerned for her and their safety, as Mr. Mendiola was not arrested and he is politically well connected.

According to official sources, at around 9 p.m. Wednesday Mr. Mendiola, who was wearing his uniform, entered Safehouse bar in Garapan, where his girlfriend and her friends were celebrating a birthday. He allegedly grabbed her against her will out of the building and into his car.

Kandit has confirmed that police have interviewed a number of witnesses at the scene and at the woman's parents home, the second scene in the alleged crimes.

According to information provided to police, the woman - several minutes after being taken from Safehouse by Mr. Mendiola - messaged her friends in a group chat and allegedly stated Mr. Mendiola punched her in the mouth. Witnesses also told police Mr. Mendiola "seemed to be high on drugs."

Police officers located the couple at her parents's home, where they were found standing outside. Her mother was arguing with Mendiola, according to police.

Police then dropped Mr. Mendiola to his residence in Finasisu. His firearm was confiscated. No arrest was made.

In 2017, Mr. Mendiola faced prior felony charges for trafficking of controlled substances and illegal possession of controlled substance. The charges were dismissed with prejudice in 2018, when the defendant completed the drug court program.

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