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Dr. Shieh: Lockdown and quarantine Guam for 14 days

By Jacob Nakamura

(Tumon, Guam) Dr. Thomas Shieh is imploring the governor to halt further spread of COVID-19 by essentially closing the island down by 14 days, and engaging with doctors and providing more information to the community.

In an interview Monday morning with Kandit News and in social media posts on his Facebook and Instagram feeds, Dr. Shieh says that while the governor's orders to close schools, the government, and large gatherings are a good start, it isn't enough. He contends that to stop the "infectious curve" of the virus throughout Guam, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero must shut down our borders.

According to Dr. Shieh:

"As I put in this mask at 5:30 am and head into GMH to care for my patients. Please pray for me and my fellow healthcare colleagues as I have prayed for all of you. Keep us safe and pray for our families, as we distant ourselves from them. Please ask our Governor and the powers at be to LOCKDOWN and quarantine GUAM. We don’t have enough doctors and nurses or the equipment. We need to stop all incoming new viruses to Guam, let us recover and manage for two weeks. We need to STOP THE SPREAD & BLUNT THIS INFECTIOUS CURVE. We are at WAR, our enemy is the virus. The gates are open and we need to close it now to stop further virus from coming in. Two weeks no flights, quarantine Guam."

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Sorry Dr. Shieh, the genie has already been let out of the bottle, the horses already left the stable, and that ship has already sailed. The island is more than likely already experiencing community spread. It's a virus, and it's going to do what it does best, it spreads. We probably won't know the severity of the situation until about another two weeks passes by and then we will be watching a cumulative curve thereafter. Just my prediction.

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