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Drug dealer accuses Blas of stealing her dope

Yona Mayor Jesse Blas

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) A woman accused Yona Mayor Jesse Blas of stealing two parcels of methamphetamine sent to a mailbox provided by Mr. Blas for drug trafficking. This is according to testimony by Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Rafael Fernandez in District Court Tuesday.

Mr. Fernandez was recounting information from a confidential source, an unnamed woman in the Blas case who had a romantic relationship with the mayor.

The woman who accused the Yona mayor of stealing her drugs is convicted felon Lovelia Mendoza. According to the information, Mr. Blas provided access to a confidential informant known only as “Brenda” to a mailbox among the cluster of mailboxes the U.S. Postal Service assigned to Yona. Mr. Blas was in charge of assigning mailboxes to residents of Yona. He was not supposed to charge anyone for the use of the mailboxes. He did charge Brenda fees for the use and continued use of the mailboxes, in a conspiracy where he knew she would be importing methamphetamine through the mailboxes. He even extorted Brenda for payment later in the conspiracy.

Mr. Blas had the keys to the cluster of mailboxes.

While not charged with specific drug crimes, the accusation by Ms. Mendoza exposes Mr. Blas to possession and trafficking charges and opens new suspicion that Mr. Blas was actively involved in the drug trade.

FBI agents raided the Yona Mayors Office last week. It is unclear whether his home was raided as well.

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