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Drunk teen to cop: Kiss my a$$

By Nancy I. Maanao

It isn't very often that the island's chief prosecutor prepares declarations of probable cause against people arrested by police. But today is different.

Eighteen-year-old Kitnew Katner Dois was arrested by police officers Sunday after the store clerk at Minagof Mart in Tamuning accused him of trying to steal a 12-pack of beer.

"The clerk also added that the male was very belligerent and was combative with a store employee who caught him," according to the declaration made by Chief Prosecutor Basil O'Mallan III.

"When officers asked defendant for identification he responded by telling them, 'Kiss my ass,'" Mr. O'Mallan stated.

Mr. Dois spat at the officers, according to Mr. O'Mallan's review of police reports of the incident.

"The report further states that the defendant had a strong smell of an intoxicating beverage emitting from his breath," the magistrates report states. "After being informed he was under arrest thee defendant kept pulling his wrists away from the officers who were trying to handcuff him, and at one point attempted to kick Officer Lizama in the groin."

Mr. O'Mallan is bringing a misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest, and a violation for public intoxication against Mr. Dois.

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