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Editorial: SHAMELESS... #thatisall

By Eric Rosario

The Governor's Office produced a video of the The Emergency Food Distribution Program (TEFAP) distribution of food this morning in Tiyan.

TEFAP has absolutely nothing to do with the Governor's Office, and is 100 percent federally funded. It is administered locally by the Guam Department of Education, which for decades has been the designated state agency for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Services distribution of commodities.

Why is DOE the state agency, and not the Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services, which handles the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program? It's because every governor, including Ms. Leon Guerrero, has rejected the envelopment of this federal program providing food to the poorest of the poor into an agency under his or her control.

Yet, this morning, after doing NOTHING to help feed her people as thousands of Guamanians fed their hunger through the charity of the private sector and the federal taxpayer, Ms. Leon Guerrero showed up to the TEFAP distribution site to wave at the long line of people waiting to get food.

The TEFAP is coordinated by DOE superintendent Jon Fernandez, federal programs administrator Ike Santos, and their staffs.

The two-minute video produced by the Governor's Office and looking cinematically identical to Ms. Leon Guerrero's campaign commercial videos in 2018 not once depicts Mr. Fernandez or Mr. Santos. A narrator from DOE speaks in the background while constant footage of Ms. Leon Guerrero is displayed waving at cars driving by.

Did either Ms. Leon Guerrero or her lieutenant governor Josh Tenorio do a damn thing to feed even one hungry person throughout this crisis? On May 6, 2020, Kandit asked the Governor's Office this question. We have followed up more than 10 times for an answer, and the Governor's Office is unable or unwilling to say whether Ms. Leon Guerrero or Mr. Tenorio have ever fed a hungry person during the public health emergency.

This political video of the governor taking advantage of the crisis of hunger on this island is nothing but SHAMELESS.

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Lechei, we need a trust worthy leaders to lead our island and it’s people.


I hope people did not fall for this dog and pony show. How easy it is for Lou to promote herself off the backs of other people.


Eric Rosario
Eric Rosario
May 27, 2020


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