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EXCLUSIVE: Defense attorney made the difference (Leyton Borja talks to Kandit, Part 2)

Attorney Chuck McDonald

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Guam Police Department officers had evidence proving that Leyton Borja was innocent of drug charges, and withheld that evidence from the grand jury that indicted Mr. Borja for drug trafficking.

According to the former defendant who was cleared of charges yesterday, he may not have been a free man if it wasn't for his defense lawyer, Chuck McDonald. It was Mr. McDonald and his investigator, who noticed missing documents in Mr. Borja's discovery as they were preparing for trial.

Those documents provided the evidence that Mr. Borja was innocent. The government knew about this, and did not present this to the grand jury. Instead, police officers told a different story; and once the defense and the prosecutors found out about this, they worked in the interest of justice to dismiss the case. Judge Anita Sukola granted the dismissal Tuesday morning.

Thanks to Mr. McDonald's diligence, Leyton Borja is a free man. And Mr. Borja couldn't be more grateful. He granted an exclusive interview with Kandit on the condition that he gets to talk about his appreciation for his attorney and investigator. Watch the full interview below.

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