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EXCLUSIVE: Leyton Borja: Evidence shows I am innocent

By Troy Torres

Leyton Borja, the Dededo rancher whom prosecutors today dropped charges of drug trafficking because it turned out there was no drug evidence against him, says that it's plain and simple: many innocent people, himself included, need to fight their cases when they are accused of things they didn't do.

Why did prosecutors join Mr. Borja's defense counsel, attorney Chuck McDonald, in moving Judge Anita Sukola to dismiss the case? The police failed to give the grand jury that indicted Mr. Borja evidence that proved he did not have any drugs the day he was arrested.

All the grand jury heard was evidence from the police officers, who were present at the raid at a ranch that didn't even belong to Mr. Borja.

So if on one hand there was no drug evidence, but on the other hand the officers who testified before the grand jury told the grand jury something else, then what happened?

In an exclusive interview with Kandit News following the dismissal of his case by Ms. Sukola today, Mr. Borja and Mr. McDonald spoke to us about the case, what happened, and why innocent people need to fight the justice system, when it seeks to ruin their lives. Watch the interview below.

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