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FBI RAID! Casino employee housing under raid now

By Nancy I. Maanao

(Capitol Hill, Saipan) IPI's employee housing, Vestcor Village, is under raid by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Office of the Public Auditor right now.

The subject of the raid is an IPI finance division employee.

This is a developing story.

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I wish this would just end already. Put Ralph on cuffs with his goones and put them in jail and throw the damn keys away. Including his brothers.


Maybe this is where Ralphy Boy hid the $30 mill that is reportedly owed to the NMI Govt. that nobody seems to know where it went to. Ralphy hid it in his mistress room. Maybe "slick Vick" also has some of his "payoffs" and Govt. money hid there also along with his chickens. (since cock fighting is illegal now) LOL


It seems that all the focus is only on the FBI, is says that OPA is also involved in this "raid" which would see, if that is fact then this involves something under local jurisdiction that this AG may have failed to address. (among so much more) Iguess he is too busy on the golf course to get involved with any suspected criminal cases.


Wonder what got this "Aloha" guy's panties all up in a bunch. Acknowleges that the CNMI is rife with corruption but then rags on Kandit for reporting FBI activity to combat that corruption.

If Kandit didn't report this stuff we would all be in the complete dark. Our only other options are the complete pieces of trash "newspapers" Saipan Tribune and MVariety. Both unworthy of being toiletpaper.

Yeah the FBI going to an IPI housing project to speak to finance staff isn't earth-shattering activity but it's certainly news. Denying that means you're probably a Torres apologist at best or an affiliate/friend of his at worst. You rag on Kandit for reporting illegal government spending done outside procurement rules yet they…


RE: John Fiala

Nothing against Kandit , I just find it comical that everything about the CNMI is treated as some type of revelation. The CNMI has been as dirty as the days are long and none of this should come as something earth shattering. The only thing different now is that the FBI is involved and it's a Chinese operation that was trying to undermine U.S. National Security. By the way, like I said, don't expect anything soon as far as announcements. This entire situation runs deeper than anyone can imagine. Kandit should go back to doing what it does best, uncovering illicit Trojan Rubber purchases that didn't go through the normal procurement process. My apologies to Kandit (it's…

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