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Fejeran shuts down GTA's Tydingco

Dan Tydingco is opening his mouth for the microphone before the Chamorro Land Trust Commission today

By Eric Rosario

GTA TeleGuam vice president Dan Tydingco went before the Chamorro Land Trust Commission with a sole source proposal for GTA to pay CLTC pennies on the dollar for parcels of submerged land in Alupang, and Agat.

Pika Fejeran, commission chairwoman, basically told him to go take a hike.

Ms. Tydingco was trying to acquire even more government-owned land through lease with GTA for the installation of undersea cables. The company, as part of a conglomerate effort, anticipates the project to create billions in opportunity, yet has leased other parcels of land for only thousands by month. One such property, which Kandit reported on, is prime land facing Marine Corps Drive in Piti. The GTA deal left the small village without a basketball court and other facilities.

GTA submitted an unsolicited proposal to CLTC for the lease of land in Alupang and Agat to continue its undersea project.

"I have concerns about the procedures through which this should be done," CLTC attorney Nicolas Toft told Ms. Fejeran. "There are some questions about whether submerged lands should be considered commercial lands."

Mr. Toft said the GTA proposal "should not proceed under the CLTC rules and regs, but under the standardized govguam procurement process." He said the CLTC should follow the process put in place regarding unsolicited proposals and issue a request for proposals.

"Should it be sole source or open competition? You're supposed to err on the side of opening competition up. It is my recommendation that this should be put out to bid. We cannot do a commercial license under the CLTC commercial rules and regs. You cannot fit this in the process and have it work."

Ms. Fejeran began telling Mr. Tydingco that opening the process to competition will remove any future cloud or protest over any such CLTC lease with whatever company is awarded the land lease in question. Dan Tydingco quickly interrupted the chairwoman as she spoke, saying the company followed recommendations made by Sen. Therese Terlaje, who has oversight of the CLTC.

"We have to follow the proper channels," Ms. Fejeran shot back. "We have to do it the proper way. In the process, the commission will be able to learn the true value of these submerged lands."

Tydingco said GTA was in the process of having an appraisal done on the value of the submerged lands, and then implied GTA was following recommendations made by Ms. Terlaje in order to approve the lease with CLTC. Tydingco referenced a letter by Ms. Terlaje, and said the letter shows her recommendation.

Kandit read the June 17, 2020 letter, and no where in it does Ms. Terlaje endorse GTA's program. As a matter of fact, the senator questions the wisdom of leasing the submerged lands to GTA without CLTC first understanding the value of the land.

This is the same point Ms. Fejeran made, both in her discussion leading to the rejection of the GTA unsolicited proposal, and again in her farewell remarks to the board, where she rebuked the politicians and companies trying to corrupt the Chamorro Land Trust for its valuable land inventory.

Mr. Tydingco immediately left the meeting after the CLTC rejected his company's unsolicited proposal, and after Ms. Fejeran welcomed GTA to submit a proposal once the competitive period begins. He didn't even say 'thank you.'

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I don’t know if someone else has made this comment but if the CLTC is going to encourage development of its inventory then it should first get a better handle on the numerous other factors that go into valuations land. GTA isn’t building a commercial marine life observatory or jet ski port or exclusive swimming hole, but navigating the local landing of additional transPacific cables through Guam as part of a consortium. Yes valuable but not as exclusive as other uses. Once buried the submerged lands look and can be used the same. There are Army Corps of Engineers, US- and Guam EPA, and FCC restrictions that impact submerged lands development. Had Pika not cut Dan off, she might hav…


Richard V Leon
Richard V Leon
Jul 09, 2020

GTA Dan Tydingco has the 'bola bola nerve' to fart on CLT and Fejeran. And to think this is the brother of a current Judge. Dan Tydingco would toss her into the FIRE too, it seems.


Where are "submerged lands" at Alupang? Are they talking about the beach?

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