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Former CNMI Attorney General hired as casino lawyer

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

By Jacob Nakamura

Former CNMI AG and former Tinian Mayor Joey Patrick San Nicolas has been hired to replace Phil Tydingco as legal counsel to the casino.

Joey P. San Nicolas served as Attorney General of the CNMI from 2012 to 2014. While AG, Attorney San Nicolas was a member of the National Association of Attorneys General. He worked collaboratively with his fellow Attorney General, Guam AG Leonardo Rapadas, in the area of legal training and with United States Attorney (and former Guam AG) Alicia Limtiaco in the area of human trafficking enforcement. More recently, Attorney San Nicolas served as Mayor of his home-island of Tinian (and Aguiguan). Attorney San Nicolas was President of the Association of Marianas Islands Mayors (AMIM) from 2016 to 2019 and was Vice-President of AMIM from 2015 to 2016. At the age of 21, Attorney San Nicolas served as the youngest member of the Third CNMI Constitutional Convention, representing the island of Tinian.

He opened the Law Office of Joey P. San Nicolas in January 2019 on the 6th floor of the Marianas Business Plaza in Susupe Village, Saipan, where his practice was focused on civil law, family law, criminal defense, probate law, and corporate law.

Tydingco’s little sister is former Port Chairman Dan Tydingco and he is also brother to US District Court judge Frances Tydingco Gatewood. Phil Tydingco resigned from Imperial Pacific International after his office was raided by the FBI.

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Joey was a terrible AG. I am surprised he hasn't been investigated by now. It was under his watch that Shelli Neal was subjected to racist and sexual innuendos by the people in the AG's office. Shelli sued and she won.


There's no need to use "Attorney" as a personal title. This isn't the Philippines.

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