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Former gambling addict tells senators to shut down game rooms

By Nancy I. Maanao

A former meth and gambling addict told senators in a hearing yesterday to banish game rooms and be consistent with what voters have said several times.

In a 12-minute highly personal and emotional testimony, Jesse Mendiola told senators at a public hearing for Vice Speaker Telena Nelson's Bill No. 226-35 that, speaking from experience, it's critical the bill passes.

Ms. Nelson's bill will close several loopholes in Guam's current gambling statute, outlawing casino gaming at the annual carnival and actually closing down game rooms.

Mr. Mendiola is the citizen, who began the current effort to shut down game rooms, when last year he filed criminal complaints against the owners of game rooms for operating gambling machines while children were around.

Watch Mr. Mendiola's testimony here.

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