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GCC takes $1M cut in governor's proposed budget

By Nancy I. Maanao

A side-by-side comparison between the budget bill the Legislature passed and the one Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero sent in its place shows the governor wants to cut Guam Community College's budget by another $1 million.

Senators are in session at this hour to discuss Ms. Leon Guerrero's new budget proposal. She vetoed the Legislature's budget last week and called senators into special session this morning with her new proposal.

The new proposal also raises General Fund revenues by $7 million, most of which benefits the Department of Administration, Department of Revenue and Taxation, and the Judiciary.

Senators are not able to consider an override of the governor's veto of their bill until they dispense with the governor's new bill. While senators had the opportunity prior to this morning to override the veto, Speaker Tina Muna Barnes failed to call them into session to make that consideration.

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