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GEC finalizing paperwork for payment to election workers

By Troy Torres

The Guam Election Commission is waiting for all documentation needed from more than 400 election workers before it submits paperwork to the Department of Administration for payment.

"We hope to get this done by next Monday," according to Helen Atalig with the commission.

Payment to those who worked for the GEC on election day normally is made weeks after the election is completed. In the case of this year's elections, GEC's efforts are compounded by the runoff election, which happened only two weeks after the November 3 General Election.

Ms. Atalig said the GEC has been working diligently to get the payments out because the commission very much values the work put in by the election days workers.

Precinct officials on both the General and runoff elections worked from the crack of dawn through the evening, some working until the following day. Officials are not allowed to leave their work sites at the University of Guam Field House (election tabulation center) until their ballot sequences are validated by commission staff.

Payments to the election workers will be made by the Department of Administration. Once DOA receives the documentation from the GEC, the government's cash management agency begins its process of verifying the documents and the accounts for payment.

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