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GEC orders silence on MSN investigation

By Troy Torres

(Hagatna, Guam) The Guam Election Commission voted unanimously tonight to bar its members and staff from making any comment regarding its ongoing investigation into Congressman Mike San Nicolas.

Commission legal counsel Vince Perez said that even the process of the investigation will not be publicly disclosed.

The commission is under fire for its rush to begin an investigation into Mr. San Nicolas before any written complaint ever was filed. Kandit noted on the record the disparity in the treatment of election code violations lodged last year against former commissioner Jadeen Tuncap and the current complaint against Mr. San Nicolas. Late last year the GEC refused to begin any investigation into Ms. Tuncap until a written complaint was filed, and was quick to dismiss the complaint when it was filed, citing lack of jurisdiction.

Commissioners refuse to answer any questions about the current process. They did, however, note for the record Kandit's testimony requesting the recusal of commissioner Joaquin Perez, who previously called for Mr. San Nicolas's expulsion from the Democratic Party, and commission chairman Michael Perez. Mr. Perez has a personal relationship with a close associate of the complainant, John Paul Manuel.

The complaint against Mr. San Nicolas contains not one exhibit of fact or evidence in it.

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