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GET THIS: Golf courses are reopening

It may very well be the right thing to do, but we can't help but notice the irony in the government of Guam augmenting its PCOR 2 business policies and adding golf courses to the list of businesses now allowed to open.

Why? Well, golfers brought the Coronavirus to Guam, when they returned from a golfing trip to the Philippines in late February and early March.

Director of public health Linda DeNorcey today penned a memorandum editing the list of businesses allowed to open during PCOR 2, which the island currently is in, and adding golf courses, tennis courts, and scuba diving activities, to include dive shops.

The memorandum follows:

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1 Comment

David Aguila
David Aguila
May 15, 2020

Just for clarification the report of DPHSS on golfers that return from a golfing trip in the Philippines in early March state no golfers were found positive by the virus and was not quarantine.

Thanks for your clarification on this issue.

Your avid subscriber.


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