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BREAKING NEWS: No Senate opposition to war claims so far; GOP endorses MSN path toward war claims

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) The Republican Party of Guam is calling on all senators to halt any movement on Bill No. 181, fearing that this local war claims effort will hamper the more important and permanent fix - Congressman Michael San Nicolas's House Resolution 1365, which is pending U.S. Senate approval.

Juan Carlos Benitez

The party, also known as the GOP, has been communicating with Republican U.S. Senators in support of Mr. San Nicolas. Despite previous statements by Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and former Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo, the GOP reports that "As of our latest communication with the Senate Judiciary Committee, this past Friday, October 18, the Senate Staff stated that at this point in their Hotline process they have not encountered any opposition for passage of the bill as a Unanimous Consent." This is according to Guam GOP National Committeeman Juan Carlos Benitez.

"After speaking with high-ranking officials at the White House; the Senatorial staff of the Senate Energy Committee, chaired by Senator Lisa Murkowski; and the Senatorial Staff to the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Senator Lindsey Grahan, we feel confident, barring any hiccups, that H.R. 1365 should clear the Senate as well in a similar manner as it cleared the House," according to the Guam GOP.

That "hiccup" is Bill No. 181. Mr. San Nicolas met with Ms. Leon Guerrero last week to implore her to stop proceeding with Bill No. 181, as it has the high potential to derail H.R. 1365 in the Senate. Ms. Leon Guerrero said she "feels" Mr. San Nicolas is wrong, despite Mr. San Nicolas informing her of the dangers he is aware Bill No. 181 presents to the overall war claims fix by Congress.

Below you can watch the entirety of the meeting between the governor and the congressman, where this exchange occurred:

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