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Governor hopes doctor's prediction of skyrocketing deaths is wrong

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Dr. Felix Cabrera, who joined Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero in a news conferencee today, said he predicts COVID-19 fatalities to skyrocket once COVID-19 hospitalization cases reach a breaking point, which could happen by next week.

"I'm hoping that Dr. Cabrera is wrong," Ms. Leon Guerrero said.

Based on "strong evidence of community spread," alluded to by Dr. Michael Cruz in a news conference yesterday, and advice from her group of medical experts, the governor is closing down parks and beaches to gatherings, but not for individual or family exercise.

"I'm so confident and satisfied that we have a group of medical experts to help us," Ms. Leon Guerrero said.

She also announced she will be extending her community isolation orders beyond the initial two-week period, finally accepting advice and pressure from Dr. Thomas Shieh and Dr. Vince Akimoto.

The governor continues to be apprehensive about a complete lockdown of the island, and said the measures she has instituted are the strongest in the country.

"I'm not calling it a lockdown," Ms. Leon Guerrero said. "That means I have to call all security people, pull people over driving. I don't want to do that yet."

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