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Governor personally calls Congressman, publicly wishes him well

By Nancy I. Maanao

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero this morning called Congressman Michael San Nicolas to congratulate him on his landslide victory yesterday against Robert Underwood.

The governor, in a statement tonight, said she looks forward to working with the congressman on issues important to Guam, and wished him well.

The governor's statement follows:

"I congratulated Delegate San Nicolas on a personal call with him earlier today, and we renewed our pledge to work with each other for the good of our people. We committed to support each other in our request for continued federal assistance for our people and our economy as a result of this pandemic.
"From a Guam Buildup that preserves our cultural assets, to fairness in EITC, and the full inclusion of Guam in future COVID relief at a federal level, there is a great deal of work that will require our hard work and cooperation and our administration is poised to renew that work for team Guam.
"I wish him well in the new Congress."
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