Governor's Legal Counsel Resigns

Kandit News has confirmed that the Governor's legal counsel Haig Huynh has resigned effective today.

"As of close of business today, he is no longer with the Office of the Governor," Governor's spokeswoman Krystal Paco told Kandit News. "I haven't been informed of his replacement."

Attorney Haig Huynh

Huyhn has been at the center of controversy surrounding the procurement of hotels for quarantine facilities during the pandemic. Mr. Huynh is the governor's son in law and was her legal counsel. His actions were recently the subject of a legislative oversight hearing regarding the alleged illegal procurement of hotels with ties to the Bank of Guam. The procurement was led by Mr. Huynh, according to Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero, Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association president Mary Rhodes, and the disclosed documents of the procurement.

Millions of dollars were paid to these hotels, for which there is no record of a contract, purchase order, requisition, request for direct payment, or so much as a price quote. One of the hotels, the Pacific Star, took out a $32 million loan with the Bank of Guam in 2016.

Mr. Huynh worked at the Bank of Guam prior to his mother in law's election as governor. Ms. Leon Guerrero herself was the CEO and chairman of the bank prior to her election. Her family holds the majority of shares in the bank.

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