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Governor's staffer: Legal Counsel said to use DeNorcey's signature

Laurie Tumaneng

By Nancy I. Maanao

(Tumon, Guam) During an oversight hearing on the illegal procurement of hotels for quarantine and isolation, the question of who authorized the use of Linda DeNorcey's signature without her permission finally was answered under oath.

Laurie Tumaneng, the staffer who actually appended Ms. DeNorcey's digital signature to four letters dated March 18 designating four hotels as quarantine/isolation facilities, said the governor's legal counsel told her to do it.

The governor's legal counsel is Lou Leon Guerrero's son in law: Haig Huynh.

Mr. Huynh, who was present in the oversight hearing, did not dispute Ms. Tumaneng's testimony.

Sen. Jim Moylan asked Ms. Tumaneng the question, "How was the approval received?"

She responded:

"All direction came from the legal office. I can only speak to the direction I received. When I received it, they said she approved it."

Mr. Moylan asked her how she had Ms. DeNorcey's signature, and whether she had her permission to use it.

"I received permission from Linda to use her signature at the beginning of the emergency," Ms. Tumaneng stated, but qualified that she was to secure Ms. DeNorcey's authorization to use the signature for every document, where she would append the signature.

"Who instructed you to put the signatures on these particular documents designating the hotels," Mr. Moylan asked her.

"Legal counsel," she replied.
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1 Comment

Richard V Leon
Richard V Leon
May 27, 2020

Asyyiii. another 'Black Eye and Dophe' award by the so called Lawyer, sun-n-LOSER, Huynh! AAyyyiii

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