GovGuam loses control of growing Dengue outbreak

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Dengue emergency response officials confirmed six new Dengue cases today. The governor summoned her cabinet to the incident command post in Mangilao to receive an emergency briefing on the crisis, which is quickly growing out of control.

Kandit four weeks ago requested information as to why the first suspected case of Dengue was not isolated to prevent transmission to local mosquitos which are capable of carrying the virus. To date, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and pubic health director Linda DeNorcey have refused to institute isolation protocols.

Civil Defense spokeswoman Jenna Blas told Kandit prior to the posting of this story that officials are trying to determine where the six new patients reside, however one of the patients is believed to have contracted the disease off island.

The government, including the Department of Education, has been slow to release information and to get a handle on the situation. Agencies involved in the response, including Guam Homeland Security and even the Governor's Office have been in constant violation of the government's emergency response protocols, following procedures not found in the Guam Emergency Response Plan or DOE's Standard Operating Procedures.

Kandit is awaiting information from public health regarding questions of preparedness and prevention, including:

1. What is the government doing about the ponding basins of standing water throughout the island? 2. Since the patients are not in isolation, are those who care for them provided any kind of protective apparel or gear to prevent mosquito infection considering the proximity? 3. Are medics who transport suspected cases of patients provided with protective gear to avoid mosquito transmission considering proximity?

Officials have yet to answer these questions.

This is a developing story.

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