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Guam delegate congratulates Biden & Harris; thanks Trump & Pence for service to the country

While the Underwood for Congress campaign issued a statement celebrating the news of the impending election of Joe Biden as the next President, Congressman Michael San Nicolas issued a statement seeking to mend the divisions within our community. Mr. San Nicolas's statement included a thank you message to President Trump and Vice President Pence for their service to the country.

The following is a statement from Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas:

"I wish to extend my congratulations to our President and Vice President elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Their election marks a historic breakthrough for women leadership with Vice President elect Harris, and with a Democratic Delegate to Congress we anticipate further breakthroughs for Guam in federal policy. We look forward to working closely with this Administration to further National Heritage Area designations for Guam, secure Native Contracting opportunities for our local businesses, rebalance Compact Impact for more equity for host communities like ours, and sign into law our EITC reimbursement language we have already passed through the House.

"We would also like to thank President and Vice President Donald Trump and Mike Pence for their service to our country. The Trump Administration with the support of the Republican Party of Guam helped us to pass our bi-partisan legislation to pay War Claims for our people, and we will hopefully seek their support for our civilian project H2-b language in the NDAA to become law. We also should regard this Administration for its valuable lessons in wielding tariff policy to meaningfully address trade imbalances, and to be more mindful of negotiation opportunities abroad to offset disproportional burdens on Americans.

"As we move forward as a country we are confident that the lessons learned and the good things done will help us to grow stronger, as we respectfully address the needs of the country as a United States of America."

- Michael F.Q. San Nicolas
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