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Guam DRT setting up call center to make sure phones are answered

By Eric Rosario

(671) 635-1840

(671) 635-1841

(671) 635-7651

Director of revenue and taxation Dafne Shimizu, in an exclusive interview with Kandit, announced her agency's set up of a call center, to be run by a retired private sector call center manager.

"Anytime we launch something... we have high volumes of calls," Ms. Shimizu said. "Well, something we're excited about is we're actually setting up a call center here. We have hired a call center supervisor who just started Monday and what's exciting too is the person we hired is retired from the private sector but was a customer service supervisor in the private sector for several years. She brings many years of experience with her into our call center."

Call the numbers above to reach Guam DRT, or email them at the address above.

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