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Guam GOP chairman downplays rift among Republicans, says party doesn't police its senators

By Johnnie Rosario

Juan Carlos Benitez, chairman of the Republican Party of Guam, dismissed widespread speculation of a deepening rift within his political party on Guam, and said it isn't the party's job "to police" whether Republican senators are standing up for Republican causes.

His statements on these matters were made in response to questions by 93.3 FM The Point's Ray Gibson on The Ray Gibson Show Wednesday morning.

Mr. Gibson asked the party chairman how he deals with Republican senators who stray from party issues. Mr. Benitez admitted there are Republican senators who advance causes opposite the GOP platform, such as on abortion and taxes, but that the party does not get involved in such matters.

Recently, Republican senators Joanne Brown and Telo Taitague opposed legislation to lower the tax burden on small businesses, and outsource government functions where government has failed in its duties. Both issues - a lower tax burden and smaller government - are cornerstone issues of the Republican Party.

Watch this four-minute excerpt from the interview below, and check out The Point on Facebook or on their website for the full interview:


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