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Guam Republicans eager to work with San Nicolas

The Republican Party of Guam has issued the following statement congratulating Democratic Congressman Michael San Nicolas, and pledging to work with him in a bipartisan spirit for Guam:

"The Republican Party of Guam would like to extend a congratulations to Congressman Michael F.Q. San Nicolas on his re-election victory. We certainly look forward in continuing the bi-partisan efforts of working with the Congressman, as evidenced over the past two years in our collaboration with Republican members of Congress on issues critical to the island.
"There are many pressing issues forthcoming inclusive of economic recovery and financial support for thousands in the community, and now with the conclusion of the 2020 election cycle, the Guam GOP stands ready to engage in discussions with Congressman San Nicolas on a path for Guam.
"The Republican Party of Guam would also like to extend a commendation to former Congressman, Dr. Robert Underwood, and Senator Wil Castro for their efforts in desiring to represent Guam in the United States House of Representatives. Campaigns are never easy, and these two gentlemen proudly presented their plans for our island. But now we must place differences aside and work collectively for betterment of our community."
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