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Guam Senator Wil Castro gifts from CNMI Governor raising eyebrows

By Jacob Nakamura

Documents from the CNMI Department of Finance reveal that taxpayers in Saipan paid for a $184 bottle of alcohol for Guam Senator Wil Castro.

Governor Ralph Torres - currently the target of a corruption investigation by the FBI - filed for reimbursement by taxpayers for a January 7, 2019 “Guam gift for Senator Will Castro.”

The “gift” was purchased at the DFS store at the Saipan airport and was an expensive bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch. Governor Torres noted on the receipt in a handwritten memo that the alcohol was a gift for Senator Wil Castro.

Torres purchased the gift for Senator Wil Castro on his way to visit the lawmaker on Guam. His expense reports requesting reimbursement also show a slew of charges at local restaurants on Guam during that time.

The Governor’s spending and reimbursement is currently under scrutiny in the CNMI in light of the raids conducted by the FBI earlier this month targeting Torres, his family, business associates and the Chinese-backed casino in Saipan.

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