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Hagibis now bigger; 100mph winds expected as it passes north of Saipan at midnight

Satellite imagery at 7:45 a.m. of Typhoon Hagibis, courtesy of

By Barbara Brown

(Tumon, Guam) Typhoon Hagibis has grown since the last weather updates from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center and the National Weather Service. According to NWS, Hagibis now packs typhoon-strength winds extending 30 miles from its center, a 50 percent growth from just hours ago.

The typhoon's tropical-strength winds extend 145 miles from the northeast of the center, and 105 miles from the southwest of its center.

The surf caused by the typhoon now is up to a maximum 23 feet.

Hagibis continues along its west-northwest track, moving at 16 mph. NWS forecasts the typhoon to gradually slow down as it approaches the Marianas.

The center of the typhoon is forecasted to pass 40 miles north of Saipan at midnight tonight.

Here is more information from NWS:

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