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Haig Huynh: I didn't procure hotels; Linda DeNorcey: Yes he did

By Eric Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Haig Huynh, the governor's legal counsel and son in law, told senators under oath that he did not conduct the procurement of hotels, despite statements to the contrary by his own mother in law, and a record of emails stating so.

But Linda DeNorcey, the director of public health, said that he absolutely did.

Senators now and for the past three hours, have been grilling Leon Guerrero administration officials about the illegal procurement of four hotels at the start of the public health emergency for quarantine and isolation of incoming travelers and returning residents. The hotels have been paid millions of dollars without so much as a price quote, certification of funds, requisition, request for direct payment, or contract.

At the start of the hearing, senators tried to get answers from Mr. Huynh about his role in the procurement. He told senators that he did not lead the procurement of the hotels and that the procurement authority fell under the Emergency Health Powers Act, which does vest significant power to move resources in the hands of Ms. DeNorcey.

That was when Sen. Sabina Perez turned her attention to Ms. DeNorcey, who said that despite what the law says, she was not involved in any of the procurements of the hotels.

"I certainly was not the one leading it," Ms. DeNorcey said. "In the beginning it was Homeland Security with Tim Aguon. Then there were changes. Then Haig was in charge of leading the negotiations."

Carlo Branch, who was lurking behind Mr. Huynh during the oversight hearing, interjected, saying, "I can provide some clarification."

Ms. DeNorcey quickly shot him down, exclaiming, "No, no, no. She's asking me this question!"

"It shifted from Tim to Haig," Ms. DeNorcey said. "That's what I know."
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