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HELP: 12-year-old boy missing

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) The parents of 12-year-old Kaleb Aldan are looking for him. He did not return home after school today. He is a student at FB Leon Guerrero Middle School.

According to Department of Education superintendent Jon Fernandez, "I don't have a lot of details at this point but we are working on a report of a student from FBLG that did not go home after school."

Katrina Aldan, Kaleb's mother, said that she went to the school, when her son did not come home, to look for him. Kaleb is a bus rider. Two students told Ms. Aldan that they saw Kaleb get into a car, but could not provide the car's description.

Police officer Donnie Pangelinan responded to Ms. Aldan's call to police to report her son missing. According to Ms. Aldan, Mr. Pangelinan told her that because her son got into another person's car, her son is not missing and he would not classify the case as that of a missing child.

"They took me around the neighborhood to look for him," Ms. Aldan said. "I don't know what to do. I called the cops and he was the one who took me around. We asked people around if they met up with my son. They said because he got in a car, he's not considered missing yet. They said they'll be patrolling and looking out for a child like that. They said he got into a friend's car. No one knows who is this friend. He only spends the night at a cousin's house. He just rides the bus."

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