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HISTORY REPEATS: Governor's conflict of interest with Bank of Guam resurfaces

This September 2019 interview with Janela Carrera, governor's communications director, is the first time Kandit News called out Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero's administration for her conflict of interest with the Bank of Guam. The administration has become emboldened since the Attorney General of Guam did nothing as he witnessed the governor signing over $30 million in bond funds to her son for deposit into the bank they own. Ms. Leon Guerrero's new conflict of interest, and that of her son in law and legal counsel Haig Huynh, now is the subject of a major corruption scandal with the use of federal funds on botched hotels contracts during the Coronavirus crisis, and while people starve.

Also in this interview with Ms. Carrera: her brazen statement that she does not answer to or work for the taxpayers of Guam.

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