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Hope on the horizon; CAR score goes down dramatically

By Nancy I. Maanao

Today's COVID Area Risk (CAR) score on Guam is dramatically lower than the high of 41.5 less than two weeks ago. But Dr. Felix Cabrera said the current 15.7 CAR score still is three times higher than the goal of less than 5.

"The CAR score decrease seen over the past 5 days is partially indicative of slowing community spread," Dr. Cabrera told Kandit News. "However, we are still above this month's CAR score low of 9.7, which was seen on Nov 6, immediately prior to rapid identification, isolation and quarantine of the construction and DOC cluster outbreaks."

The slowing of community spread is cause for some hope that, should the public continue to be cautious, the holiday season may not be so restricted by the Department of Public Health and Social Services.

"What the current CAR score of 15.7 is clear about is that we are still 3x higher than what is our immediate goal of getting it [to less than] 5," Dr. Cabrera said.

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has said she will be inclined to lift restrictions once the CAR score can be maintained at or below 5.

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