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Investigator on Propst was Diann Torres's personal bodyguard

By Jacob Nakamura

The detective investigating former Congressman Ed Propst on bogus third-party accusations of sexual misconduct alleged to have happened 20 years ago was first lady Diann Torres's personal bodyguard for several years until just last year.


Officer Flora Aguon was so close to the Torres family, she even escorted them to Washington, D.C. in January 2017 for the presidential inauguration. She has traveled with Ms. Torres several times, and is documented in Mr. Torres's infamous reimbursement memos. Among the travel and reimbursement documents are a receipt from a department store, where the notation reveals Mr. Torres bought pant suits for Ms. Aguon. Mr. Torres was reimbursed by the Commonwealth's taxpayers for that expense.

Kandit has found documents showing Ms. Aguon actively seeking out women to make accusations against Mr. Propst in the investigation announced by the Department of Public Safety. DPS has refused to answer any questions about the investigation, or the motives behind it.

DPS public information officer Adrian Pangelinan on November 25 also did not deny that the investigation was a political witch hunt by Mr. Torres in an effort to extort Mr. Propst from taking his seat in the next CNMI Legislature.

Ms. Aguon also has refused to answer Kandit's several phone calls to her police mobile number, and has not responded to several messages left with the DPS Criminal Investigation Division.

The plot, indeed, is thickening.

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