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INVITATION: Terlaje’s anti-police corruption oversight hearing

By Nancy I. Maanao

Someone in the government of Guam finally is doing something about the evidence and credible allegations of corruption among the uniformed ranks of the local courts.

At 2 pm on Wednesday, March 3, Speaker Therese Terlaje and her justice committee will grill Judiciary officials about mounting allegations of corruption in what is supposed to be the least political and controversial branch of government.

It has been more than two years since Kandit raised the first of many police corruption issues within the Judiciary. Among Kandit’s first stories was an expose on a group of women alleging Marshal Alan Ecle used his law enforcement powers to force women to have sex with him. Two years later, federal law enforcement revealed they were investigating marshals for these types of crimes.

Around the same time, testimony in federal court revealed allegations that drug syndicate leaders had been paying marshals to ease bench warrants from the system. Only a judge can legally vacate a warrant.

Judicial leaders have either denied the existence of any such investigations, and have pleaded ignorance as to wrongdoing on the part of a select group of martials alleged to be part of the corruption conspiracy

Over the past two years, and despite mounting evidence and allegations, senators have done nothing to get to the bottom of this festering pit of corruption, electing silence over duty.

Until now.

Kandit will be covering the speaker’s oversight hearing, hoping and praying that senators take their duty seriously to protect the public from police corruption, and demand the level integrity the judicial branch should abide by.

We invite you to join our live coverage.

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