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Isang maipagmamalaking araw para sa mga Pilipino

By Troy Torres

Congressman Michael San Nicolas has recommended longtime businesswoman Shelly Vargas Calvo to the president-elect to be the next U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines.

The position is vital to U.S. security interests throughout Asia and the Pacific, and is critical for a variety of reasons to U.S. allies and enemies alike.

Philippine-born and multilingual, Ms. Calvo is a United States citizen who has spent the past two decades as the owner of several businesses, and a member of various charitable activities.

She attended Assumption College in the Philippines, is a published author, and is a recipient of several awards from the governments of Guam and the Philippines for meritorious service to her countrymen.

In further exercise of his duties as the senior elected federal official for Guam, Congressman San Nicolas continues to make formal recommendations to the Biden-Harris transition team for presidentially appointed positions.

"We are excited to recommend for nomination Shelly Vargas Calvo for consideration to serve as United States Ambassador to the Philippines," opened Congressman San Nicolas. "Shelly Calvo's Filipino American heritage, extensive networks in domestic and international Filipino organizations, along with business and philanthropic success in both Guam and the Philippines make her an ideal candidate to reinvigorate Philippine-American diplomacy," Congressman San Nicolas continued. "It is an honor to recommend this accomplished Filipino-American to serve our people and country, and strengthen our Guam and American historical ties in the interest of shared greater economic prosperity and American security in the region," Congressman San Nicolas added.

Shelly Vargas Calvo is a founder and entrepreneur, having established multiple small businesses and international businesses on Guam and between the Philippines. A dedicated philanthropist, Shelly Vargas Calvo has served as a community organizer of many performing arts projects and in numerous leadership capacities in various civic and non-profit organizations. Fluent in tagalog and english, Shelly Vargas Calvo has established multiple channels throughout the Philippines and Guam that would greatly enhance the complex diplomatic mission of the United States in the Philippines. Making her home on Guam, Shelly Vargas Calvo is married to Paul Calvo, and together enjoy the love of their family with Paul Daniel, Brittany Rose, Daniel Anthony, Miguela Macarena, Savannah, and littles Paul Mason, Thomas, Paolo, Bella, Santino, and Abel.

"More appointment opportunities and candidate viability options continue to be considered as we seek to put meaningful and relevant options forward for the Biden-Harris administration to consider," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

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