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Jeremy Alvarez, 19, arrested for the attempted murder of 77-year-old woman related to him

By Eric Rosario

Guam Police officers arrested Jeremy Janell Alvarez for the attempted murder of a 77-year-old Sinajana woman. Police initially responded to a home along Afame Road on December 8, where they found medics attending to the woman, who had head injuries.

She was transported to Naval Hospital for treatment and care.

Detectives investigated the matter, then found and arrested Mr. Alvarez for attempted murder, aggravated assault, assault, use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony, and family violence.

The family violence charge indicates Mr. Alvarez either is a close relative or member of the woman's household, according to police spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao. He could not provide information as to the type of deadly weapon used in the alleged assault and attempted murder of the woman.

Mr. Alvarez was booked and confined to the custody of the Department of Corrections. His case was forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General for prosecution.

Major Antone Aguon, spokesman for the Department of Corrections, said Mr. Alvarez's mugshot will be available shortly.


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