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Josh Tenorio no longer holds Carrera responsible for free press infringement

By Johnnie Rosario

Thirteen days. That’s how long it took for the governor's office to answer questions, ironically about transparency and respect for the freedom of the press.

For nearly every one of the last thirteen days since Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio said governor’s communications director Janela Carrera would apologize to the public, we have asked Mr. Tenorio what the deal is with her silence. The apology he said she would issue would be for infringing the free press, when she muted reporters three Thursdays ago.

Today Kandit got a response: she won’t be apologizing.

As a matter of fact, according to governor’s spokeswoman Krystal Paco, who responded for Mr. Tenorio, the lieutenant governor no longer believes Ms. Carrera has anything to apologize for.

"Carlo Branch has publicly stated that he directed Ms. Carrera’s actions that day and the Lt. Governor is satisfied that he has taken full responsibility. As the responsible party the apology was solely his to make. It has been made abundantly clear that this situation will not be repeated." - Krystal Paco

We asked Mr. Tenorio's special assistant Stephanie Flores whether the lieutenant governor was mistaken, when he held Ms. Carrera responsible along with Mr. Branch 13 days ago. She has not responded to the question.

Ms. Paco's statement to Kandit is in response to several questions we asked Mr. Tenorio Friday and again this morning:

  • Your office two Fridays ago said Carlo Branch would issue some statement on Janela Carrera's apology. On Saturday night he stated he already apologized to the public, but never answered our question on whether Janela Carrera will be apologizing, as you have instructed.

  • Has the governor or chief of staff Jon Junior Calvo instructed Janela not to apologize, and is this the reason why she is defying your order?

  • If Carlo Branch is being truthful that he is completely responsible for muting the media, then why did you say Janela should apologize?

  • What would you say to people who criticize that people who work at Adelup believe they are above reproach because of Janela's silence on this issue?

  • May we please know whether Janela will be apologizing? If the answer is 'she will not,' then may we please have your reaction to her defiance of your order?

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