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JungleWatch is on it! The Archdiocese has caved to overwhelming public pressure, according to post

By Troy Torres

JungleWatch, the region's watchdog against corruption and wrongdoing within the Archdiocese of Agana, has posted new information about the scandal involving the embattled superintendent of Catholic Schools, Juan Flores, and the beloved principal of Father Duenas Memorial School, Ismael "Temo" Perez.

JungleWatch this morning broke the news of the scandal, which includes Flores allegedly using trumped-up accusations of financial mismanagement to kick out Temo from his post. The article revealed that no one from the Archdiocese has even informed Temo of his impending firing, much less that the Catholic Schools Office hired his replacement without conducting a proper search. By Wednesday afternoon, JungleWatch updated the already-captivating scandal with ever more-intriguing revelations.

In summary - according to JungleWatch's Frenchie - the Chancery, forced to acknowledge the problem, has waved the white flag, and the man who was supposed to have replaced Temo instead has apologized for not understanding the entirety of the situation.

The article continues to challenge our curiosity on whether this is the end of the story, or this simply is where the Archdiocese wants the story to end.

One thing is for sure - and JungleWatch is about 10 degrees of understanding ahead of everyone else on this - there is something bigger brewing here. Frenchie alludes to what appears to be JungleWatch's continuing coverage on the hidden and dark places of the Archdiocese, when he makes passing yet pointed reference to the Chancery's chief financial officer. This woman, who allegedly helped to defame Temo, made concerning revelations in testimony before the bankruptcy court in the Archdiocese's bankruptcy case early last year.

To read Frenchie's latest article on JungleWatch, click here.


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